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tv   News  RT  April 13, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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that friday the thirteenth of april two pm here in moscow money and welcome to the news this hour from the first that story we broke for you last hour russia's foreign minister says moscow has solid evidence that the alleged chemical attack in duma in syria was staged. any traces of the use of chloride or any other chemical weapons. in fact we have evidence. that this was a false flag false flag operation to be ahead by those who promote through so phobic ideas. separately the u.s. defense secretary says america has the right to carry out a preemptive strike on the syrian government to defend its troops james mattis also admitted though that there was no clear evidence that chemical weapons were used in an attack in the city of duma last weekend but as it goes down of explained fears are growing over the situation in syria because of a lack of evidence hasn't prevented the u.s. from starting a full scale war in the past we're looking very very seriously very closely to that
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whole situation and. we'll see what happens folks will see what happens if the drum of war is beginning to bang in washington and the beat is for syria the u.s. is again accusing president assad over using chemical weapons on his own people but the basis for this conviction appears to be lacking one crucial aspect we're not engaged on in the ground on the ground there so i cannot tell you that we had evidence well something is better than nothing but right now it's just a feeling behind a possible military attack is it enough to risk ask elating into a war with syria's allies and even a nuclear standoff apparently yes protection of our forces i don't think we have to wait until they are under chemical attack when the weapons are used in the same theater we're operating in the rocky invasion played out along suspiciously similar lines we must take the battle to the enemy we will take every step necessary to
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make sure our country is secure and we will prevail the iraqi regime has in fact been very busy in answering its capabilities in the field of chemical and biological agents why. one difference that jumps out is that with iraq the u.s. had that infamous bottle of anthrax as reason to call in its forces in hindsight it was a completely false pretext and with syria they don't even have that the o.p.c. w the u.n. chemical watchdog the height of judgment when it comes to such cases already vouched two years ago that syria's stockpiles were no more wrong to twenty seeing and their word seems to matter a little for washington there is another similarity with the iraq invasion and one must keep in mind the history of u.n. inspection teams in iraq. even as they were conducting the most intrusive system of arms control in history the inspectors missed
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a great deal and in my last attempt to enlarge the membership of all of the organization was convincing iraq and libya for example to join in and that when i am no system member states it was a shock to the americans i believe. because the plans already to take some action military action against iraq the bottom line is that the pentagon is hardly keeping its for lack of evidence on whether the attack even happened a big secret never mind the perpetrator behind it all that matters sticking to the tried and trusted path the problem is that the united states believes and i thought it would be. of any any at all they believe that they have their own rules and it is not the case the threat to use force you not through action the goals against the united nations charter and also we are concerned about the possibility of this
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coalition does this could go out of control and we might end up with why there a conflict that done the one that's already been suffer in syria it will not be an attack against syria but also an attack against the whole united nations system. well some of america's key partners are not so keen to launch a strike on syria with germany italy the netherlands and canada all stating there needs to be a thorough investigation first peter oliver has the details. well if there is going to be any coalition it does seem that a lot of leaders in europe as well as further afield are going to need some more convincing we've heard from angela merkel here in berlin saying this although a clear message needs to be sent that using chemical weapons will not be tolerated she isn't prepared to commit the bundeswehr to strikes in syria just yet the german military won't be involved as it stands similar message coming out of rome is well
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worth. italy will honor. existing deals when it comes to logistics but they won't be sending any combat troops all aircraft listen to those two leaders right now or. be able to you know we must say as we tell you and so always have that if we need a long term solution to the syrian crisis we have to lead to respond to crimes but first of all work towards peace and draw many will not like to do. it and want to make it clear again there are no decisions to see and support this everything is being done to send a signal that this use of chemical weapons is not acceptable to say. one of the loudest voices in support of donald trump as being a money were the french president however there are voices within his own government that are saying although mr marquand claims that there is proof of a chemical attack they're going to need to see that proof before they commit to any type of military action similar words coming out of the hague the netherlands
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saying they want to see while they want to see concrete evidence before they commit troops to any strikes in from canada across the atlantic there we're hearing the words coming out of that they're not looking to be present in syria counted or in the past have taken part in bombing campaigns against isis in iraq but they were all stopped back in twenty fifteen when justin trudeau took over as the leader of the country there now perhaps the most go to ally that the u.s. has is the united kingdom and we've heard on. day after a cabinet meeting in london that the british cabinet says there is a need for action after the alleged chemical attack in syria however when speaking to people on the streets in the united kingdom there certainly isn't an appetite amongst the british public to join in with donald trump who thinks military strikes in syria will help so anything no i don't know so hopeless the moment when i was
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very anxious to do any kind of injury essentially what would you actually achieve i really disagree with military action against anything happening in this syria there's already enough fighting going on there as it is there's a real danger of war escalating way beyond what we expect scenario in the world to argue that to send any sort of thing or if you. push up. a mention that out so that i think we have that at five back to you where these countries have these problems have these civil wars and we try to go to fix it but we had our civil war when the americans had their civil war nobody went and bought us we got this side we have now they need to go through this on their own well that we has we hear there from the united kingdom there is a lot coming out from all european countries that if they going to be a part of a coalition they're going to need confirmation that this chemical attack did take
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place and at the moment there are a lot of people quite skeptical as to what the right response is at the moment peter all of a while echoing some about form a matter of london ken livingstone told us the reason why knows the british public is unlikely to support a new military action in the middle east. last time britain was considering getting involved in syria there was a debate in parliament and parliament voted against it that was very bad news for the then prime minister cameron but the idea that we should be getting involved in wars in the middle east without parliament behaved by issue and make a decision is absolutely outrageous and i think it's because she knows there is very little public support for getting involved in the middle east again we all remember everyone in britain unless we were lied to by our government and the american government when we were told that iraq had weapons of mass destruction the result was hundreds of thousands i think nearly
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a million dead many of our own troops lost their lives as well and it all turned out to be based on a lie meanwhile donald trump's new pick for america's top diplomat my pompei o has made it clear it's ok for washington to seek regime change in countries like syria citing american exceptionalism. you would agree with me if we embrace the regime change in other nations we can hardly say but this is something that only the us gets do if we see that's acceptable foreign policy goal for us other nations concludes that a acceptable foreign policy goal for them this is a unique exceptional country russia is unique but not exceptional that same line that we're hearing from it we've been hearing from american leaders this is nothing new madeline albright secretary of state she said that if we use force it's because we're the united states we're the indispensable nation you had obama talking about us in the industry as
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a whole nation hillary clinton so this is really the air that americans read and we're now in a multi-polar world united states and russia still have a couple thousand nuclear weapons pointed h. other on hair trigger alert china's economy is booming and this is no longer the world of the early one nine hundred ninety s. now putin is standing up and asserting russia's national security interests and there is some people in the united states who just don't like that. a new round of clashes has erupted on the israeli gaza border as part of a so-called great march of return the anti occupation campaign by palestinians down to the end of march is ready defense forces deployed tanks have been using live ammunition and tear gas to break up the demonstrations some palestinian protesters have found inventive ways though to counter the toxic fumes they've made their own mosques filled with perf human cotton some of the even used fruit and vegetables.
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well. there's a lot of both so we can say it like this because it's going to cause you suffocation especially in young kids we also put on your block from entering the mouth and nose because it burns them internally and we don't have special equipment or materials we can't provide proper respirators. can be can't get out since i live when we come here. gas that we can't breathe they also shoot us in the lags i use this to protect myself let's see how clear. i filled my eyes burning of pepper was in my house and i started coughing so heart when i guess i decided to make my own mask to protect myself if they fired tear gas at us i will smell the only and since the beginning of the standoff there have been scores of palestinian casualties.
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meanwhile an i.d.f. soldier who shot a palestinian on the gaza border during a protest in december has been cleared of wrongdoing by a military inquiry video emerged of him firing shots alongside other snipers who cheered and laughed at the injuries they inflicted. but that's. not really cool for the reduction of. design or. just the one in it the little one at the top where the student did. well. what.
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this is when i did the rough what are really more than. i did nothing i was just a demonstration i went to my friends to help them and before i reached the place they shot me the soldier knew that i was going to help them and that's why i was shocked come on how russia is from the palestine solidarity campaign says israeli soldiers react to protest in a disproportionate and inhumane way and absolute act of target practice effectively because the cheering from. the soldiers fellow soldiers basically was just completely inhumane and outrageous in the west i challenge them to produce evidence anywhere that this would happen. and in any case this shows you that that the difference on the one side you have heavily armored armed soldiers and on the other side or you have protesters who might have a story to throw from
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a long long way away is not exactly going to damage the defense or the soldier. among our stories after the break we go beyond the politics to meet british superfan who travel to moscow for a crucial european football championship match last night. when you don't. see the teachers who are. not through only ten. make. left alone they. said. no servant is messy but. you speak french.
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to. join me every thursday on the alex simon sure and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. welcome back relations between the u.k. and russia might be at an all time low but british football fans troubling to moscow for a european championship match i had to.


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